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  • Winter 2018 Sessions
  • Wednesday
    9:45pm - 12:20am
  • Friday
    8:45pm - 11:20pm
  • Saturday
    9:45am - 12:20pm
  • See complete schedule

Facebook page
4 May 2018

We are currently working on a new website. Please visit our Facebook page for future updates!

UWBC Winter 2018 Pre-registration Dates
8 January 2018

Hello Warriors, welcome to the Winter 2018 term! We hope that everyone has had happy holidays and are staying warm. We have a few announcements regarding beginning of term registration and session times, check our Facebook Page linked below for more details. Get excited!

Survival of the Fittest Tournament
19 November 2017

Hey Warriors! We hope everyone's been enjoying the events we've had to offer. There is one week left to register for our next event, the Survival of the Fittest Tournament! Compete on court in Men's, Women's, or Mixed Doubles and get entered in a chance to win amazing prizes! It's open to all levels and will take place December 2nd, 2017. Follow the link below to sign up, and also check out our events page!

Badminton Olympics
29 October 2017

Behold, here is UWBC's next IN-SESSION event, Badminton Olympics! On Wednesday, November 1st, participate in a variety of wacky badminton mini-games and get FREE candy! This event is in session so there is no sign-up, simply come to session like usual!

See the Badminton Olympics Event Page or our Rules Page for more details!

BATTLE ROYALE Registration
30 September 2017

WARRIORS, IT'S TIME TO GATHER YOUR ALLIES! Battle Royale registration has started, see the Battle Royale Event Page for details!